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Futbol Consultants is our family!

Our group was born in the open fields of a Latin American country, where passion out-weighed all obstacles, where shoes were optional and where we fought for our teammates under the blazing sun and the thickest storms.

The mission of this team is to guide driven athletes by helping them find opportunities to play soccer and attend school in the United States. We will use our own experiences and personal contacts to make this transition as easy and smooth as possible.

We will be the main point of communication between the players and coaches from universities around the United States, while providing hands-on help in meeting the requirements for application, going through the application process and qualifying for available scholarships.

Having moved overseas to play sports and understanding the difficulties that foreign players face when trying to reach the goals they envision, Futbol Consultants is here to help driven athletes achieving excellence in their sport, in their academic field of choice and helping them become model citizens for future generations. Whatever your dream is, we want to help!

"Thanks to Futbol Consultants I received a scholarship and now I have the opportunity to play division one college soccer and to study at a very prestigious university."

Gabriel Romero
Santa Clara University

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